Leisure at Cheltenham offer a wide range of concessionary rates based on qualification criteria as listed below.

Concessions Concessions Concession Pricing and Activities

Concession prices
Groups eligible: Concession card, Concession member, ACL group, Back to Fitness, 2gether Trust, Reactive concession card
Activity Price Time restrictions
Racquet sports, including Badminton, short tennis, table tennis £5.70 No time restrictions
Squash – 45 min sessions £3.90 No time restrictions
Health Suite PEAK ( includes a swim* ) £6.30 Monday – Friday 5pm-9.30pm
Health Suite OFF PEAK ( includes a swim* ) £4.90 Monday – Friday 9am – 5pmSaturday & Sunday – All day
Exercise to music class £4.40 No time restrictions
Swimming PEAK £2.80 Monday – Friday 6.00am-8.30am and after 5pmSaturday & Sunday – all day
Swimming OFF PEAK £1.70 Monday – Friday 8.30am-5pm
Fitness suite PEAK £5.80 Monday – Friday 6am-8.30am 5pm-9pm
Fitness suite OFF PEAK £3.60 Monday – Friday 8.30am-5pm.              Saturday & Sunday – All day


Reactive 12 week ( GP referral )
Patients on physical activity on referral scheme prescribed by GP
Price per activity £2.80 No time restrictions
Sign up charge £10.00 N/A

*When public swimming is available

Cards Cards Concession Card

We are pleased to provide a comprehensive concession card scheme where discounted pricing is used to overcome the barrier of cost to participation.

If you fall within one of the following categories you will be eligible to join the scheme.

Concession Card:

1. Unemployed
2. Registered Disabled
3. Over 60 years of age
4. Student in full time education

In most instances the card is valid for up to 12 months dependent upon which category.

If you are eligible, please visit customer services to complete a Concession Card form.

Purchasing this card will cost £9.50 for a 12 month period.

GP referral GP referral Reactive 12 Week GP Referral Scheme

Re-Active is a 12 week physical activity referral scheme (PARS) brought to you by the Cheltenham Trust. The programme incorporates a range of activity options aimed at improving health and is available via your GP or practice nurse.

Re-Active aims to develop your confidence and help build regular physical activity into your daily life. The programme is supported qualified exercise professionals and is offered at subsidised rates for all clients on the programme.

What activities are available?
To get as many people involved as we can, we have developed a menu of activity to include:

  • Health walks
  • Gym Activity
  • Group Exercise Classes (e.g. Gentle Aerobics, Pilates, Yoga)
  • Swimming
  • Racquet Sports

How can it help you?
Regular physical activity has many health benefits including:

  • Reducing risk of coronary heart disease, osteoporosis, cancers and the development of lower back pain
  • Prevention and management of weight, high blood pressure, stress, depression, anxiety as well as diabetes
  • Improved wellbeing, confidence and quality of life
  • Improved bone health which helps to maintain strength, coordination, balance and cognitive function
  • Prolonged independence amongst older adults


How can you get involved?
If you would like to get involved in Re-Active then you either talk to your GP or practice nurse who can talk you through the process.  They will check whether you meet the inclusion criteria and if appropriate they will send over your referral.  Alternatively you can contact the Health and Wellbeing Coordinator to have an informal discussion about the process (see details below).

What happens next?
Once you have been referred you will be invited to an initial confidential consultation with a member of the Health and Wellbeing team.  In this session we’ll introduce you to the scheme, perform some simple health checks and then discuss with you the type of activities which you would like to take part in over the 12 week programme.  We’ll also help you build confidence to adopt long term lifestyle changes.

You will be supported throughout the  12 week journey by all our members of staff.  Whether it’s the fitness team, activity leaders or our customer service staff, you’ll have plenty of guidance as you progress through the scheme. Our teams are on hand to offer advice and support and to adjust your programme if necessary.

Once the 12 weeks is completed you can continue on the monthly reactive direct debit  for a further 9 months to help you maintain your lifestyle change and continuing with your physical activities.

For more information please contact the reactive team on 01242 38 7424 or email

GP referral GP referral Reactive Concession Scheme

Re-Active Direct Debit

Upon completion of our 12 week GP referral programme clients can continue on a monthly direct-debit on a reduced rate £25 per month.

This includes :


Gym Session

Group Exercise Class



Reactive Membership Scheme (access through our partnerships)
As a centre for physical activity and health promotion we have developed partnerships with number of services that can refer onto an activity programme with leisure at Cheltenham through a Re-Active direct debit membership.

Access to the direct debit membership is possible through  physiotherapy services  (e.g. Back 2 Fitness, ACL Rehab, ESCAPE Pain, Cardiac Rehab and Respiratory Rehab), mental health services and other partner organisations (e.g. NHS 2gether trust, Independence Trust and Healthy Lifestyles Gloucestershire).

Involvement in any one of these services that run right here at the centre would qualify the patient/client to join our monthly direct debit. At a cost of £25.00 monthly.


Activities include
Gym – Friendly and professional staff to support you and your needs

Group Exercise – A fun filled timetable with a vareity of social group exercise sessions

Swimming – A 33m pool, lane swimming and aquatic classes

Racquet Sports – Try your hand at badminton, squash or table tennis

By establishing close links with our partners you can feel confident that you will receive a smooth transition from supported rehabilitation into exercising more independently, while taking ownership over your achievement. We can work together to pursue long term maintenance of healthy living and wellbeing.

For more information please on our service partners please click on the links below:

NHS 2gether Trust

Cheltenham Physiotherapy Services

Group Exercise Group Exercise Students

We are pleased to offer a Student Concession Card that offers discounted Pay as You Go prices for students in full and part time education.

The card is £9.50 for 12 months. To sign up, please show your student ID and complete a Student Concession Card form at customer services.