Swimming Activities

Public swimming is available throughout the day. We do advise customers to check our timetables before they come down just in case we have an external booking.

From Tuesday 18th September, we will be replacing the lockers in the swim changing rooms. Instead of a 50p coin, the lockers will require a padlock. We recommend customers to purchase a combination padlock up to 8mm in diameter.

Swim info Information and Prices

The centre has three pools to which the public can swim and a diving pool. Public swim is available throughout the day but please check our swim timetables before you come and visit us.

Weekends and the Band System: Over the weekend we do operate a band system to control capacity loads, a coloured band will be given to each swimmer with at least 1 hour and 15 minutes of swim time before you are called out over the PA system.


Prices From
Adult swim- £4.20

(up to 5 children can swim for  free with a paying adult)

Junior swim – £2.80 (£1.70 off peak time 8.30 – 17.00 on weekdays)

50+ swim (Monday – Friday, 3:00pm – 3:45pm) – £1.70

Swim attire
We allow all swim costumes. We do not allow trousers or t-shirts to be worn in the pool unless previously authorised by a member of the management team.


Swimming lessons

For all swimming lessons, please visit our “Courses” page. We have lessons for all ages and abilities.

Swim Courses Information

Family Swim Splash Pad

Leisure at Cheltenham’s new Splash pad!

The indoor aquatic play zone, is heated to 30 – 31 degrees and is suitable for both children and adults to enjoy. It includes a number of water play activities and water toys.

The pool is recommended for children 5 years and under. However, children up to 8 years of age can use the Splash pool.


Child  (under 1’s): £3.00
Child (over 1’s): £5.00
1 adult per child swim free
Additional adult: £5.00

Sessions last 45 minutes and runs Monday to Sunday, from 9:15am until 5:15pm.

You can now drop in to enjoy the Splash pad – no need to book in advance!

Public Swim Diving Pool Facilities

Main Pool
The main pool 33m x 12.8m by size and can have up to 6 single lanes. Shallow end is 1.3m and the deep end 2.5m,

The average pool temperature is – 28.5 Degrees Celsius.

Many activities take place in this pool with public swimming, swimming lessons, educational lessons and family swim. We also have the Cheltenham Swimming Water polo Club, Cheltenham Tri club and Cotswold Water canoe club using the space as a weekly booking not to mention GB pentathlon events, swimathon and  zorbing.

The main pool also has a pneumatic boom which can split the pool into 1 25m pool and a smaller 7m boom area for bookings, swimming lessons and overload space for the teaching pool. There is a spectator gallery with 438 seats and a disabled hoist available

Lane Swimming
Lane swimming is available at certain times, we operate a slow, medium and fast lane. This can be either 33m or 25m in length dependent on times.

We have a 50+ lane available in the main pool from 15:00-15:45 Monday-Friday.


Teaching Pool
The teaching pool is the smaller pool at a size of 23.8m x 9.65m. The shallow end is 0.3m and the deep end 1.2m. Within this space we have aqua aerobics, educational swimming lessons, swimming lessons, disabled swim groups, public and family swim.

There is a spectator gallery with 46 seats and a disabled hoist is available.

Average pool temperature is 30.5 Degrees Celsius


Diving Pool
The diving pool is 12.8m x 12.8m with the depth of 4m. We have 4 boards, 2 x 1m spring boards, 1 x 3m spring board and 1 x 5m platform.

Unless competition or private hire only one 1m board is in use. Please note users of the boards must be able to swim.

The average pool temperature is 28.5 Degrees Celsius

All our pools are supervised by a qualified lifeguard


Family Swim Swim Family Family

Within the timetable there are designated times for both parent & toddler swimming and family fun.

Family fun We have a family fun swim session every Saturday and Sunday.

Floats and toys are put out during this session – a really fun way to enjoy swimming with the family!

Parent and Toddler

This sessions are in the teaching pool, parents are able to introduce or enjoy swim time with their children in a quieter environment than normal public swimming.

Children must be under the age of 5 years old.

Swimming Courses Information

Parent & toddler and family fun sessions run weekly, for times please visit our timetables tab.



£4.20 per adult

Swim Ratio for parent and toddler
1 Adult = up to 2 children age 0-5 No children above the age of 5

Swim Spa Swim Spa Health Spa

Indulge yourself in our relaxing health spa. Within the spa we have a jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and relaxation area.We have a coded entry door, entry is 18 years and above, unless you are a member.

Upon your visit please go to customer service to retrieve the code. We will also provide you with a colored band. This makes its easier for lifeguards to see on their regular checks. You will be asked for your band if you do not wear it, if you do not have a band we will require receipt as proof of payment.

Monday-Friday: 9am – 9pm
Saturday: 9am – 6pm
Sunday: 9am – 7pm
Bank Holiday: 9am – 8pm


Spa adult – £7.70
(Tue,Thur & Sun after 6pm – £5.00)
Spa concession peak – £6.10
Spa concession off peak – £4.70

Diving Diving Diving

The Diving Pool is situated at the Deep End of the Main Pool and measures 12.72 x 12.72 metres and 4 metres at the deepest point.

The pool is a deck level pool. It is used for width swimming and diving. Width swimming is not permitted when Diving is taking place.

There are 4 boards in total: 2 x 1 metre springboards; 1 x 3 metre springboard; and 1 x 5 metre platform board.

For detailed rules please see the notice by the boards or speak to a lifeguard.

Times and Prices
You can use the diving boards if you are a competent swimmer and when open on the timetable.

The cost of the diving boards is part of our swim entry, there is no extra cost.

Adult swim (up to 5 Children free) – £4.20
Junior swim – £2.80 (£1.70 off peak time 8.30 – 17.00  on weekdays)
Spectator – £2.40

Basic Rules:

  • You must not wear goggles when jumping off the boards.
  • Once you have entered the water exit quickly and safely.
  • Do not stand on the back of the boards whilst another diver is jumping.
  • Somersaults, backward dives, spins and handstand dives are only allowed during adult dive.

Diving Courses Information

Family Swim Swim Family Hire Us

To hire any of our pools please contact us:
01242 387 412 / 01242 387 411